Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Can Do It...You Can Do It!

Made my first batch of Seitan "from scratch" (kinda):
Step One-Pose for obligatory self-portrait with product
Step Two-Mix water and powder to create 5" diameter-sized disc (must coat hands in flour)

Step Three-Cover with broth made from Swanson's Organic Veg Broth and One Knorrs Veg Cube and 1/4cup soy sauce. Oh yes, and 1/4tsp powdered ginger.

Step Four-Cook One Hour, flipping occassionally.

Step Five-After turning off heat, let sit in broth for 15 min. more.
Then prepare to slice.

Step Six-Slice

Step Seven-Store slices in the broth
in a tight-fitting container. Good to keep for 5 days.


Jeanette said...

Yum! Soy sauce and ginger and veggie broth...sounds like delicious seasoning! My friend Joe once made seitan from scratch-scratch and said it took hours of kneading or something. He said it was the most intense process ever. I like your idea of starting with the quick mix better. :D

hollibobolli said...

I've actually had (and you can't imagine my shock when everyone agreed) the go ahead to start shifting our complete diet to vegetarian.. I rarely eat meat anymore unless we go out - and we don't do that very often. So I have been accumulating recipes on a wiki. This looks really good - I'm a salt/soysauceaholic.. how would you use this? Are there specific dishes that you prefer this in.. or do you just eat it as/is - main entree?

yes, I know.. a million questions!! yay!!!

The Time Has Arrived said...

Hi hollibobolli!
Thanks for visiting and responding to the comment I left on your site.
Actually,I never made seitan before this (I guess that is why it is over-documented). Today I posted a very tasty way of trying it. I suggest to keep the slices thin and cut some on the bias (did I just say bias?...what is that? A table? A holiday? But I digress. 8-) )
My wife and I raised two daughters(now married to omnivores) as ovo-lacto vegetarians. It can be done!
Out of the 4 of us, I recently (Nov.07) transistioned to veganism (did I just say veganism...what is that?...a religion?(it should be!)
My enthusiasm to make it work for me has been fun and delicious. I really feel I am eating better. I always loved to cook and try new recipes, so this has been the best new adventure. I didn't realize so many products are now labeled "vegan" in mainstream supermarkets. Where have I been? I remember vegans wearing robes and saris at the World Vegetarian Conference in it their kids or grandkids now running around with angry anti-meat-eating t-shirts and tatoos (I want one you know). I feel I should've gone vegan much sooner. Me and my Conscience sleep much better at night.

I'm sorry, I'm ranting...but a million questions may just require it!! yay!!!