Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Utopian Struggle

In our mostly morally mediocre world, where many of its human inhabitants remain hollow and empty and are blind to the corruption of their own souls, I decide to make my life my argument- demonstrating by veganism the interrelatedness of all living beings and the importance of reverence for life.
This sets me against the culture that had created the very environment of my early life.
I am not alone, however, as there are countless others caught up in the same spirit.
The vegans.
We ask, on behalf of the voiceless, that there be a concerned effort to find new perspectives in thinking that will regain an honest balance between all earthlings.
I urge you to read the book,
Schweitzer- A Biography by George Marshall & David Poling
A story about a real man who acted out of inner necessity to help comfort innumerable beings.