Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tonight's "Food, Inc." Movie-Going MeetUp Experience

“ I liked the venue because the evening did not center around us eating food for a change. We chatted before & after the film. I got to meet Eileen again with her "Vegetable Mafia" T-shirt (you rock!), and Vivek, Al and David...all interesting guys with alot on their minds to save this world of meat-eaters from themselves (okay, that last part was me talking, they didn't actually say that). Jennifer was there as bubbly as ever, meeting, greeting, introducing people to each other and had the foresight to bring vegetarian info/recipes from COK to hand out afterwards.
The theatre was packed. There wasn't one seat left!
The film was so absorbing & fact-filled that sitting in the darkness, among so many like-minded people, became almost a nirvana of its own sort. As in the scene in "Close Encounters" where we are all waiting to see the aliens arrive at night in the mountains! We all know about the issues, only when the celluloid brings it all together,as though in a neat saran-wrapped package, we knew it is the real stuff. Say, what was in that popcorn?...I'm hallucinating.The bottom line-the film showed the detrimental impact on our health and planet brought on by the giant food companies. I make the analogy of that scene where we see a cow has a hole put in its side so a farmer can reach in and pull out the excess toxic, e-coli laden, fiberous material- to that of us over-consuming what Monsanto has put before us and doctors reaching in to pull out cancers,etc.
Go see this film! ”