Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Notes for a 1 Minute "Elevator Speech"

I'm hoping to create a terse and effective "elevator pitch" (used by many to sell their worthiness to company executives during the course of a brief elevator ride together)...only this one will be to address the motivation for being a vegan and why other, non-vegans, should realize the benefits of the transformation as well.

This I will eventually memorize and finally have as my immediate response to questions from omnivores when asked why my hair is on fire. No, I mean, when asked WHY WOULD YOU BECOME A VEGAN?

The following disparate sentences will be harvested somehow soon into this perfectly succinct rap-recipe which will both educate and convert all unsuspecting naysayers as they watch me from my tower of superiority flashing teeth filled with spinach and sesame seeds wearing my "Al Gore Invented Global Warming" t-shirt:

I'm glad you care about what I eat! So do I about what you put into your mouth.

It's about refraining from harming others, an idea most people already adhere to.

I feel it's wrong to deny any animal, including a human, the basic rights to pursue pleasure and avoid pain.

For me it took 36 years of vegetarianism to come to embrace veganism.

I do not want to support an industry that tortures and mistreats animals. Animals trust us to care for them.

Veganism is a lifestyle which helps advance animal rights by abolishing their slavery and the thrust of thinking that views animals as commodities.

Eggs? Okay, I'll consume an egg only if the chicken is a pet who has a name and is not force-impregnated.

Cheese? Okay, I'll consume milk products only if the cow is a pet who has a name and is not milked after it's natural cycles.

I want to live by my values, not by my lust for tastes achieved through suffering.

People have a very strong attachment to their food choices...their "comfort foods".

However, a knowledgeable consumer can make better choices which can ultimately send a message to industries hell bent on ignoring the health and safety of it's customers for the more focused concentration of how much money for how little product care possible. Remember Big Tobacco?

Okay,I'll validate for you my eating habits and my lifestyle if you'll also tell me why you prefer cloven hooves and pig flesh on your bed of lettuce.

Oh well. It obviously is in the early stages. I think it has the core of a pithy, forceful and effective rap.

Any and all comments are welcomed to help tighten it up.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Video: "Turkey's Can't Do It" - Jonathan Foer ("Eating Animals") on "Colbert"

having a dream where nobody has a heart

Regarding the blind eyes and the rampant complicity to slaughtering innocent sentient non-humans, I feel it's like having a dream where nobody has a heart. It seems as though the only strategy left that can make a significant change in the face of this cruel and senseless violence, is the power of love. I've been asked by a reporter writing a book on Baby Boomer Vegans to write something about my experience. As a result of my real-life experiences, I feel her noble wishes to convert 63 year olds to veganism will fall on deaf ears. These folks are already past seeing any benefit to themselves or the planet even though I'd prefer that the whole world go vegan. It is their adult children and their kids that are the new hope to help raise awareness through sensible consciousness-raising (don't even start me on Michelle Obama stating she loves hamburgers while telling schools how to feed children!). What are your thoughts?

Friday, February 5, 2010


Need people to participate in the new Awesome Vegans of Long Island Facebook Group Page.(See below)

Now There's One Helluva Champion!

Fri Feb 5, 6:10 PM ET
Wingbowl 18 champion John "Super Squibb" Squibb eats one of 238 chicken wings to win the annual chicken wing eating contest in Philadelphia, February 5, 2010. REUTERS/Tim Shaffer