Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just as I hoped

I cut the seitan from yesterday into thinner slices. I sliced a large green bell pepper, and 1/2 onion and fried/steamed in a little olive oil in a teflon-coated fry pan using the top cover to create a little steam. Toss all together for 10 minutes...voila! Delicious. (sorry, no pictures)


hollibobolli said...

Thank you so much for answering my million gazillion questions!!! I have made notes - but don't be surprised when I lose them and have to come back here repeatedly. I actually was a vegetarian for many years and that was the best I felt.. ever. I made my daughter's babyfood for the first year of her life and she didn't eat meat at all until she was around 1 1/2 or 2? She doesn't much care for it.. so I think it will be a pretty easy change for us. She already likes the meat substitutes better than she likes meat. We just don't like eating animals. I'm so thrilled you found my blog when I was on a skin eating rampage.



The Time Has Arrived said...

Non-violence resonates so much more profoundly with the human soul.
I ,too, am glad I came across your
post entry about eating animal skin.
Years ago my wife got us into becoming ovo-lacto vegetarians. I thought it would be a healthy thing to do. Soon after I remembered about a report I did in high school about a white doctor volunteering his services in French Equatorial Africa. He built a hospital in Lambarene. He coined the term "Reverence for Life". His name was Albert Scweitzer.
My diet now became instead an awareness, a philosophy,...practically a religion. It's not the food so much. It is the ethics. It is my ethics.
The old sanskrit term, Ahimsa, translates into "dynamic harmlessness", or "extreme harmlessness". Scweitzer, walking through the jungles there, avoided stepping on ants.
I just can't say that I can judge which life is important and which should be snuffed out.