Monday, April 21, 2008

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Livestock’s long shadow
Environmental issues and options

Peeled off directly from a refrigerator door in her Laurel home, KO handed me page 112 from Hamptons Magazine. The article titled "Turning Over a New Leaf" recommends both meatless Mondays and experimenting with faux meats. The author did some deeper research and mentions the 408 page 2006 United Nations report called Livestock’s long shadow and also the Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook.
Bottom Line: As you may or may not realize-"refusing meat is THE SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE THING YOU CAN DO TO REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT."

About the Survival Handbook:

The entire book, from conceptions took 7 months, with the project finding its legs at Pop!Tech 2006. David met publisher Charlie Melcher in the “dungeon” of the Camden Opera House (aka Pop!Tech’s Screening Room). He had just been commissioned to do this book, turn-around time was super short, and Charlie offered to help. They went straight at it in February and were finished by April.

Which tip in the survival guide does David take most to heart? “Number 32: Get lost in nature. .when was the last time you took your shoes off and walked about in nature? It’s important to get yourself outside and re-engaged. In the epic scale of Live Earth, it’s worthwhile to ‘get lost in nature’ in order to remember why we need some new guidelines for living in a changing world.”

For a peek at some of survival tips from the book and a look at the great illustrations, you can visit the Live Earth site

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