Friday, November 13, 2009

When you make positive changes in your life, others can't help but change around you.

Animals, as fellow earthlings, are not ours to experiment on, torture, eat, wear, enslave, exploit, abuse, and kill billions of annually at will, just because humans desire to do so.I feel you can never underestimate the influence you can make on a person's wife and I already have 4 converts to vegetarianism notched into our plastic belts! They may also follow that truer path to veganism in time.
Tell me, why in the world must eating a plant be soooo much in need of defense over eating some chicken's knuckle, or pigs tongue?All we ask is a life based on good conduct and reason. Yes, reason. C'mon...reasonable living already. Healthy living.
I want more people to think about going vegan. It's not that hard. Really. I mean, ice skating is harder you know.Join me. Join the many.You are NOT incapable of reason!

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