Thursday, November 12, 2009

He Coined the Term-"Reverence for Life"

I thought it would be interesting to introduce you to a fine human
being who once journeyed with us through the trials of life-
About Albert Schweitzer

Here is an excerpt from one of his books titled
From Civilization and Ethics

"You are happy, they say; therefore you are called upon to give much. Whatever more than others you have received in health, natural gifts, working capacity, success, a beautiful childhood, harmonious family circumstances, you must not accept as being a matter of course. You must pay a price for them. You must show more than average devotion of life to life.

Open your eyes and look for a human being, or some work devoted to human welfare, which needs from someone a little time or friendliness, a little sympathy, or sociability or labour. There may be a solitary or embittered man, an invalid or an inefficient person to whom you can be something. Perhaps it is an old person or a child. Who can enumerate the many ways in which that costly piece of working capital, a human being, can be employed. Search, then, for some investment for your humanity, and do not be frightened away if you have to wait , or to be taken on trial. And be prepared for disappointments. But in any case,do not be without some secondary work in which you give yourself as a man to men. It is marked out for you, if you only truly will have it."

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