Friday, November 7, 2008

A Little Diversion-Thank You Christine...

From Christine's, Welcometomyreviews Blog:

"Wall-E is coming to a stocking near you
I have a really bad habit. I forget about Christmas stockings until ... oh, I don't know ... CHRISTMAS EVE! Well, this year I'm trying to get a jump on things.I do, however, have one requirement. You've always got to have something sticking up out of the top of that stocking. It's my little way of bringing my twelve hours of advertising courses into the real world. Those stockings have to have a teaser. So, what to do this year? A Wii game? Candy canes?Heck, no, my friends (very John McCain of me, I know). Wall-E is hitting DVD and Blu-ray November 18th!I am very particular about the movies that I allow my kids to view. Not only do I prefer that they NOT get a regular dose of the S-bomb, but I have children with special needs. I have adopted children. I have children that have experienced trauma. Some movies are simply too much for them.What I love about Wall-E, however, is how very therapeutic it can be for my children. My "hurt" kids have great difficulty expressing their feelings. We spend hours and hours talking about and evaluating our non-verbal communication. Sound boring? Well, that's probably because it IS! Well, little Wall-E does not use any actual human words. He is the king of non-verbal communication (outside of his beeping, which still must always be accompanied by facial expressions). There are a few human characters in this film, but Wall-E is the main honcho throughout. My kids can have FUN while getting perfect examples of expressing themselves.It also carries a theme that is huge in our house. Wall-E spent 700 years alone. Then, someone comes into his life - someone that can connect to him, can love him and he can love back. Don't have to tell you that this touches my children deeply, and gives them a safe and entertaining way to experience some of these feelings.Okay, okay. Enough about the therapeutic benefits of this movie. It's just plain FABULOUS to boot. PIXAR has done what they always do - made animation seem unbelievably life-like. The humor is, once again, something that makes the entire family laugh. We moms get really tired of "kid humor." We live it. We eat it. We breath it (heck, we probably even FART it!). So, we need something a little more advanced. We need the giggles, but it has to be smart humor. Wall-E is clever. You will laugh!There are fabulous talking points that can arise between you and your kids: the film addresses topics such as the harm we are doing to our planet (think: trash, trash, TRASH!). There is a love story, but it's with robots, so my your 12-year-old son won't roll his eyes too much.Still not sure? Just think it might be another animated movie? Fine. Check out the trailer. I promise not to say I told you so."

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