Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Well this month marks my one year anniversary as a Vegan and it has been absolutely great. After 35 years as an ovo-lacto vegetarian and living that lifestyle, this, however, has been a much more rewarding one year than all those 35.I have met many new people AND, of course, recipes. I just want to thank everybody in my family for their tremendous amount of support (and putting up with the challenges of "finding something for Carl to eat").
This Thanksgiving wouldn't it be great if we could follow in the steps of our President and PARDON A TURKEY! You know, the exact one you guys were planning on consuming. Hell, maybe Oboma will start a trend and pardon them all in 2009! Well, I just think it would be awesome. I can see the headlines in Newsday...Family Pardons Turkey and Eats Moussaka for Thanksgiving!


Jeanette said...

Wow, a year?! I had no idea, that went fast! Congratulations dad, what an amazing accomplishment. I look forward to seeing all the new things that this journey introduces you to. Congrats!

Carl said...

Thank you Jeanette for always trying to be sure you have enough "safe" food stocked for me when I visit!

Christian and Bridget said...

Dad!! We should've celebrated!!! Lets def hit a vegan place bamboo in manhattan maybe? Over christmas break??!!!