Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Message to Holli Bo Bolli

Non-violence resonates so much more profoundly with the human soul.I ,too, am glad I came across your post entry about eating animal skin.Years ago my wife got us into becoming ovo-lacto vegetarians. I thought it would be a healthy thing to do. Soon after I remembered about a report I did in high school about a white doctor volunteering his services in French Equatorial Africa. He built a hospital in Lambarene. He coined the term "Reverence for Life". His name was Albert Scweitzer.My diet now became instead an awareness, a philosophy,...practically a religion. It's not the food so much. It is the ethics. It is my ethics.The old sanskrit term, Ahimsa, translates into "dynamic harmlessness", or "extreme harmlessness". Scweitzer, walking through the jungles there, avoided stepping on ants.I just can't say that I can judge which life is important and which should be snuffed out.


hollibobolli said...

I was just coming back to tell you how beautiful I thought that comment was, that I thought it belonged in an actual post.

If you ever link to my blog it will appear in my dashboard and alert me.. if you link to a specific post it will appear as a trackback in the comments so other people know to find the post. If you referenced (eeek) the chicken skin post - anyone reading that would see a link to this post in the comments as a trackback.

Anyway, I love the thought (and practice) of dynamic harmlessness. Faith and I accidentally bumped into a dangling inchworm a couple of days ago while we were walking through the park. He fell on a stick and we could tell he was seeping. She get very upset that we had caused trauma to this tiny creature. I knew right then that she was absolutely my daughter.

The Time Has Arrived said...

"Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them"
Alan Watts

Go inchworms!...and be careful out there!