Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I hope everyone enjoys a Thanksgiving with relatives and friends that encourages everyone to be more responsive to recognizing the good we have in our lives through family ties and caring friends. Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving is devoid of gift-giving. I feel though that many get confused and do not realize that food isn’t the message for the heart. We need US…we all need the gift of each other.

I truly hope many will begin a new tradition to make this holiday a compassionate one for ALL by, of course, re-considering their diets to be more earth-friendly.

Here is an excerpt I’d like to share from “A Walk in the Woods” – Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail-by Bill Bryson:

“We didn’t see anything terribly exotic, or even remotely exotic, but it was nice just to see squirrels and deer, to feel that the forest was lived in. Late in the afternoon, I rounded a bend to find a wild turkey and her chicks crossing the trail ahead of me. The mother was regal and unflappable; her chicks were much too busy falling over and getting up again even to notice me. This was the way the woods were supposed to be. I couldn’t have been more delighted.”

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