Friday, May 8, 2009

Soooo comforting to know this...

Following up on the cow that escaped death from the kosher knives at the Halal Musa Slaughterhouse yesterday...I give you this 2002 excerpt:

Slaughterhouse in the Bronx Follows Halal Rituals
Mar 26, 2002
The New York Times
On March 26, 2002, The New York Times featured an article on the Halal Musa Slaughterhouse in the South Bronx, NY. "Musa is one of several slaughter-on-demand butchers in the city, which can be found in the yellow pages under Live Poultry... Many of the customers are Muslim, and appreciate the fact that the slaughtering is carried out in accordance with Islamic dietary laws... The animals are slaughtered according to the rules of halal, which are similar to those that govern kosher slaughtering. Halal rules mandate that the animal to be eaten must be killed by a Muslim who pronounces the name of God during the slaughter."

UPDATE: Escapee cow, Molly, and new cow friend,Wexley, are getting along famously at the "Farrm" in Calverton Long Island. I hope to visit them soon! New owner,Connie Farr, is a vegetarian!

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