Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Exciting Photo Opportunity

In other news, here is a copy of an e-mail I just opened up from Photoshelter ( a photoblogging/networking/resourcing site I have been a member of for awhile)!:

"Dear Carl,Great news! An image of yours has been added to PhotoShelter homepage slideshow. This means you're just one of 20 members selected to represent our community of 40,000 photographers. For the whole month, we'll display your image on the "Images" tab on PhotoShelter's homepage. We'll also provide a screenshot and link to your archive on the "Examples" page of our product tour, and feature you in an announcement on our blog!Thanks for making us look good. We're delighted to be working with you. Best regards,The PhotoShelter Team "
Soooo...I invite you all to take a look, and, of course, pass it along to others!
Scroll down when you get there...3rd up from the bottom on the right side>
Later Dudes!

See the blue rope, image 13!

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