Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What Does it Mean to Live in the Desert?

Why would anybody do that?
Perhaps these are reasons to do it; to know exactly who you are, where you are going, and what is your purpose in life?
But can we go from total unawareness to full consciousness this way. Is it possible?
Okay, I think you can. But first you must create your own desert. The desert of the mind, isolated from the sprawl of other minds. This requires to live differently. To be your purpose, to be your message...to proclaim your message!
Of course what I'm getting at is the "vegan message". Having it heard is a constant struggle against the current tide of the times, culture and society we live in today. Let's face it, you won't see vegan Boca burgers being advertised during the Super Bowl!
What does it mean to live in this desert? Like it or not, it isn't always comfortable having to remind people to respect animal life. You have to be counter cultural, standing up against society
risking peace for a bout of arguing.
Tell me, why in the world must eating a plant be soooo much in need of defense over eating some chicken's knuckle, or pigs tongue?
All we ask is a life based on good conduct and reason. Yes, reason. C'mon...reasonable living already. Healthy living.
How far into the desert must we go to get away from the atrocities?
As Tolstoy says in his 1885 treatise called, My Religion:
"This life you can use by living in conformity to reason, or you can waste it by living in opposition to reason..."
I think it still holds true today.
I want more people to think about going vegan. It's not that hard. Really. I mean, ice skating is harder you know.
Join me. Join the many.
You are NOT incapable of reason!