Friday, February 27, 2009

More on the Task of Knowing Thyself

As I posted on Feb.20, Patanjali stated that the resulting confident knowledge-of-self can motivate an individual to be that ethical step needed for the solution to Golding's warning about man's potential for brutality to his fellow man.

Coincidentally, there were a number of Greek philosophies talking the same rap. which were very important during New Testament times. Perhaps the greatest philosopher in the world's history was Socrates with his motto, "know thyself". Socrates tried to help people look inside themselves and search out the basic questions about life. But his searching questions, with no easy answers, made a lot of people irritated with him. They felt that he was corrupting the youth. He ought to stick with teaching the right ideas, and leave all those questions alone.

I say no, do not stop the questioning! What do you think?

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