Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tonight I met truly remarkable people at a new MeetUp group

Meet organizer, Christine Santos of "The Long Island Vegan Community-Worth the Wait!"-"I am the proud owner of a Cafe Mista:Vegan Delights.We are a boutique, personalized, bake-to-order-vegan bakery. We opened on a small scale and do not have a store front yet. HOWEVER, I realized that I want my company to be more than just cookies. I want it to be all about our vegan community. I don't mind if you never buy anything from me (in fact most of the events will be sponsored by Cafe Mista so you will still enjoy the treats absolutely for free). This is about building friendships!
Please join me in starting this wonderful community and meeting new friends! I also have a book club that I would love if you would like to join and am open to all sorts of ideas of how we can build a network of fun, healthy, positive vegans!! "

The theme tonight was Gratitude and Veganism

I felt that the guest speaker, Emiliya, was energetic, captivating, informative, playful and very genuine. I'm hoping to apply her practise of gratitude to my daily way of thinking. Her inner peace was a perfect accompaniment to the reverence for life philosophy that is incorporated in the vegan lifestyle. Munching on delicious samples from Christine's Cafe Mista gave nourishment to the body as Emiliya nourished our souls! I only wish I walked away with a video of her consciousness-raising talk as we experienced it tonight. She is awesome!

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