Monday, February 18, 2008

I just love this!

The Vegan Bus is a project based in Northampton, MA. We have a 1992 International School Bus which is converted to run on waste vegetable oil. We use it for education and outreach, bringing people to animal sanctuaries, and other noble vegan causes...

Some of the members of the Vegan Bus are also hula hoopers, and we are participating in activism to keep the Hilton Hotel out of our beloved Pulaski Park. This video highlights hooping in the park and features several vegan hoopers!
Who I'd like to meet:
We are looking for artists, dreamers, people with mad skills that can anyhow enhance our mission, humane educators, burners, diesel mechanics, welders, seamstresses and seamsters, fire dancers, grant writers, non-profit organizers, people who don't think they have anything special to contribute but want to contibute anyway, media experts, financial backers, and you!

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Jeanette said...

Will have to check this out at home, the video is blocked at work. LOVE Northampton, MA, very artsy town.